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Cardo Packtalk Slim Duo Communication System Dual pack
Dual Pack
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Product Description

Cardo Packtalk Slim Communication System Double Pack

Two devices included


Effective range max. 1.6 km, up to 15 people
Up to max. 8 km Interkom range in a group
The world's only intercom with dual technology: DMC ™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) and Bluetooth®
DMC Intercom Technology: for large biker groups (up to 15 bikers) within a dynamic, self-adapting network. Seamless group communication remains intact even if participants leave or join the group as they please.
Bluetooth® mobile phone and navigation device, pairing via Bluetooth®
Bluetooth® intercom modalities: conference mode, commuting between bikers (one + 8), Click-to-Link®
Cardo Gateway ™: enables intercom connections to other manufacturers
Intercom-to-mobile: When the intercom range is exceeded, automatic call transfer from intercom to mobile
DMC bridge: for inclusion in Packtalk calls from passengers with Bluetooth intercom devices or mobile phone callers
Private Chat: Closed 1: 1 conversations on hiding all other Packtalk conference participants
Mobile conference mode including external callers and intercom callers
Voice-controlled speed dial
Shortcut key (individually storable)
Music / radio functionality:

Parallel audio streaming
Music Sharing ™ - Rider and Passenger can simultaneously receive the same audio source and listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP)
Built-in FM radio with RDS and 6 storable channels
Device settings and customization:

Natural Voice Operation With this new technology, the device can be operated simply, safely and intuitively by voice command. It is no longer necessary to press buttons, hands remain on the handlebars. A simple "Hey Cardo" command followed by the request action command, e.g. "Radio on" is enough and the device does the rest. (The device knows more than 20 of the most important commands)
Easy-to-use operation and spoken status announcements (multilingual)
Cardo SmartSet ™ App for Android and iOS: Using your smartphone as a remote control, custom device customization
Cardo Community® online Platform for "social features", device customization and software updates
Cutting edge technology for massive noise suppression and suppression of environmental noise
AGC technology automatically adjusts the volume to environmental noise and driving speed
compatible with other CARDO® headsets
General features:

Exclusive "Rolling & Touchpad" interface for intuitive manual operation (also operable with winter gloves)
Replaceable microphone set for hybrid gooseneck and cable application
Brilliant audio quality thanks to high-resolution speakers
Up to 13 hours talk time / 1 week stand-by
Water and dust protected

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